City of Ypsilanti, Michigan

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2008-2012 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The City of Ypsilanti's 2008-2012 Parks and Recreation Master Plan is now available online.

The Recreation Commission and Planning & Development Department have been working on the plan since mid-2007.  This 5-year planning process is required by the State of Michigan for the City to maintain its eligibility for various recreation-related grants.  Additionally, the planning process helps city staff and the Recreation Commission inventory and prioritize the parks and recreation system, helping the city to identify and engage community partners.  The Recreation Commission held a public hearing on the draft master plan on Wednesday, February 6, 2008, and recommended adoption of the plan by City Council.  The plan was adopted by City Council on February 19, 2008 and approved by the Department of Natural Resources on March 31, 2008.

You can view a copy of the adopted plan at the Planning and Development Office, located on the 4th floor of City Hall (One South Huron).

Download 2008-2012 Parks and

Recreation Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master plan is available for download by chapter, or as one large file.  All files are PDF:

Parks and Recreation Master Plan listed by chapter:

The complete dataset from the planning process survey, summary statistics, and compilations of free-response answers may be downloaded: Recreation Plan Survey Results.

Other materials

Several regional plans are relevant to the City's recreation master plan, or provide context.  These include:

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